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Sam Fender – “Dead boys”

Sam Fender takes on the tragic issue of male suicide – boys who take their own life, with the help of director Vincent Haycock and produced by Park Pictures. The images of boys/men with faces without expression grabs you. It’s stylized and beautiful in a cold way. There is sadness and anger, but mostly emptiness. The beauty of life can be hard to find.

Sam Fender himself says: “If this track helps one person open up then it’s the best thing I could hope for.”

“The Odyssey” – Music videos become movie

The Odyssey

Vincent Haycock’s “The Odyssey” which contains of the videos he has done for Florence and the Machine, is now released as a complete film. It’s been screened on cinema in Los Angeles and will be shown in different places. Watching it in full length it’s obvious how well the videos function together. It has a special mood and follows Florence emotional journey. The film is almost an hour and deserves to be watched when you can give it full attention. The Odyssey is an interesting example of using the music video platform to create and publish a greater outcome. You can watch the film on the site below:

The Odyssey

Florence + The Machince – “Delilah (The Odyssey – Chapter 6)”

Last video in Vincent Haycock’s project of making several videos for Florence + The Machine’s album “How Big How Blue How Beautiful” is “Delilah”. The story is set to a motel in which we see Florence in different situations. Just like in earlier videos in the series there is dramatic dancing and gloomy/sad atmosphere. Motels are a classic place for drama and threatening situations. Just remember the movies “Psycho” and “Touch of evil”.

The “Odyssey”-project is a great achievement. The videos work well both independently and together with the other. They are all artful and shows excellent choreography. Hope this inspires more artists to do similar projects.

Florence + The Machine – “Queen of Peace & Long and Lost”

“The Odyssey” is the name of the ambitious project to make videos of every song on Florence + The Machine’s album “How Big How Blue How Beautiful”. The latest release from the project are a short film including the songs “Queen of Peace” and “Long and Lost”. A two-in-one film which makes it possible to catch a change in the story dependent on the different character of the songs. From the intense “Queen of Peace” the film moves into the slower “Long and Lost”. The story is situated in Scotland and the film really captures the harsh side of the country. Great work from director Vincent Haycock.

The earlier videos from “The Odyssey”-project is “St. Jude”, “What Kind of Man” and “Ship to Wreck”. You can read in earlier post about “What Kind of Man”