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The Louvre has visitor record with the help of a music video

The Parisan museum The Louvre had more visitors than ever during 2018. There are several reasons and one is the video “Apeshit” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z. In the video we see lots of artwork and the beautiful interior of the museum building. Music videos by big artists reaches millions of people on YouTube and are important as marketing tools and means for communicating messages. Hopefully the video helps to open the eyes for history and great pieces of art.

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JAY-Z – “Marcy me”

The NYPD are watching down from a helicopter and the habitants of a NYC borough are looking back in JAY-Z’s “Marcy me”. We get to see from the police perspective but also pictures from the ground with special focus on a young boy. What’s in the mind of the police versus the people we can only guess. But of course it raises questions of suspicion, surveillance and crime-fighting. A technical advanced video that opens your eyes and stays in your head. Made by the Safdie Brothers (Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie) and production company The Directors Bureau.