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The Louvre has visitor record with the help of a music video

The Parisan museum The Louvre had more visitors than ever during 2018. There are several reasons and one is the video “Apeshit” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z. In the video we see lots of artwork and the beautiful interior of the museum building. Music videos by big artists reaches millions of people on YouTube and are important as marketing tools and means for communicating messages. Hopefully the video helps to open the eyes for history and great pieces of art.

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Winner for Best Music Video at Grammy Awards – Beyoncé “Formation”

Beyoncé’s ambitious music video year 2016 with visual album “Lemonade”, was crowned by earning Best video at 59th Annual Grammy Awards. She won the Grammy for the video “Formation” directed by Melina Matsoukas. The video reflects on black peoples’ situation in history and today. A beautiful production with the ever-fascinating Beyoncé in different clothes and scenes.

Winner for Best Music Film was Ron Howard’s “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week The Touring Years”. All those years ago and The Beatles is still on top.

“Lemonde” – Ambitious concept with limited availability

Beyonce is running for ‘office’ with her concept “Lemonade”. She has high ambitions with her visual album. And watching “Lemonade” you have to be impressed by it’s mix of music, poetry, film, video, political messages and private life. The theme of infidelity is obvious but most interesting is the fact that it is put out as a complete film/visual album – and not a combination of several videos. Beyonce is changing the things we might expect when artists release new music. And she’s been in the frontline before when she released videos to every song on an album (Read earlier post).

The marketing strategy for “Lemonade” is interesting. Artists have difficulties finding the most efficient way of earning money from their music, besides the concerts. “Lemonade” was visible at HBO when it was released but now it’s only officially available at Tidal, Itunes or Amazon. Limiting access can create demand but is watching the visual as hard as being able to listen to the music, you lose the possibility of visuals selling the music.

You can get a picture of “Lemonade” from this report (which focus on the infidelity-issue):

Beyoncé unleashes Visual Album

Pay to watch music videos? Beyoncé’s concept of releasing 17 videos which are only available on Itunes rises the question. We’re so used to be able to see all videos for free that we don’t value them for what they’re worth. Anyhow Beyoncé approach of releasing videos for all of the songs is a true recognizing of music videos and the idea of a visual identity for every song.

Promo News – Beyoncé unleashes Visual Album on unsuspecting world – featuring 17 new videos