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Avicii is dead but the music and the videos lives on

Avicii – The hero of house music died on April 20th. Too young, too soon. Besides his impact on music he also had interesting videos with social messages. In “Friend of mine” it’s about Alzheimer’s. In “Wake me up” it’s about people being narrow-minded. In “Silhouettes” it’s about drinking, disease and betrayal – looks like something Avicii experienced. In “Waiting for love” it’s about keeping your spirit up when your old. But especially “For a better day” – which deals with the tough issue of child slavery and abuse.

Avicii “I could be the one”

Are you unhappy with your life and want a change? Take a look at the video to the Avicii song “I could be the one”. About a woman and her frustration, struggle and sometimes happiness. Perhaps not what you might have expected from a song that with such little lyrics. But on the other hand it’s gives the video-director wider possibilities.