TeamMate – “Damage”


TeamMate consists of Dani Buncher and Scott Simons. The two of them used to be a couple but it ended, and now they are together as a group instead. Directing duo McCoy|Meyer took on the challenge to visualize the change in the video “Damage”. The result is beautiful, energetic and makes you reflect on the complexity of human relationships. MusicVideoMania asked the directors a couple of questions about the video:

– How did this collaboration with Dani Buncher and Scott Simons come about?

We met Dani and Scott at a party hosted by Rodeo Show and instantly connected. These two have a similar work-dynamic to our own, where they share equal creative responsibility on everything they do. This duality manifests itself in their sound, as well as in their writing and creative choices. When we sat down at Rostrum Records, it felt like we all had lived a shared experience, because of the deliberate and methodical nature of being a duo.

– Considering the change in their relationship would you say the video is both about breaking up and staying together? And if so, how is this pictured in the video?

Our concept focuses on the infinite possibilities of collaboration. We wanted to transcend the story of a breakup, and instead visually demonstrate how two individualities, when combined in harmony, can create something unique, and even powerful. Scott and Dani’s story reminds us that when we put aside ego, and nurture one another’s creativity, we pave the way for something more meaningful.

– How did you generate the ideas for the visual design and the use of double exposure?

Our approach was to strip away all the complexities that can accompany a traditional music video, and just focus on Dani and Scott as human beings. At the time we began concepting, we came across Political art in the era of German Expressionism, which often used its subjects as the boundaries of the canvas. We were inspired by this technique, and used it as a way to show how Dani and Scott were still a part of each other, despite their breakup. It allowed us to feature each as the other’s canvas, while simultaneously showcasing them as individuals. Working together with our cinematographer, Ryan Wood, and editor Hayley Harrison, we created a modernized style, emblematic of Teammate’s unique story.

– What are your thoughts about the production process? (Some background information on your production process)

We tend to over-prepare as directors, which can be exhausting, but ultimately opens up the floor for some great moments of discovery on set. Scott and Dani come to the table with an explosive amount of energy, which allowed us to get right into filming. Subsequently, we got a bunch of ambitious “Super Bonus Round” wishlist shots, which you can especially see in the final choruses. The day wrapped, and there was this collective, “What? It’s over??” Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the next time we all get to create together.

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