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Coldplay – “Up & Up”

Coldplay delivers a visually rich video for “Up & Up”. It’s a mix of different clips combined into fantastic images. We see people as giants and underwater animals swimming in the air and much more. It is surreal and sometimes poetic. Works perfect with Coldplays music. A video you can watch several times with lots of details.

Coldplay and First world war

This year it’s 100 years since the First World War began. Coldplay helps to spread knowledge of it with their video “All your friends”. The video consists of footage from the war. Similar to Karl Jenkins “The Armed Man” – a film that’s shown during performances of his opus (see picture). Documentary pictures can be an effective addition to the music.


Another music video with images from the First World War is Dire Straits “Brothers in arms” from 1986. A classic anti-war video. With its black and white drawings and soft music, you sense the sadness of war.

Coldplay album “Ghost Stories”

Coldplay has released a 43 min long video to accompany their album “Ghost Stories”. It’s based on the artwork of the album and is an interesting example of making a complete visual concept for the album. Watch an excerpt of it on Vimeo. There’s also a video showing the work behind it.