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“Bitch I’m Madonna”

Madonna likes to party and want her celebrity friends to join as you can see in her video “Bitch I’m Madonna” directed by Jonas Åkerlund. It’s shaky, funny, sexy, colorful and a picture of party 2015. At first you could only watch it on TIDAL. The site needs promotion to make it against Spotify and Apple in the battle of streaming music. Thank God there’s no battle of music video streaming.

Madonna “Ghosttown”

Madonna has released a doomsday-video directed by Jonas Åkerlund. The theme of being the leftovers after disaster is classic in sci-fi and the scenery reminds of “I am legend”. Nuclear disaster-theme were common in the cold war period and an example of this is the music videos Genesis “Land Of Confusion” and Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Two Tribes”. Madonna, who grew up during the period, is doing a good thing reminding us of what is actually the biggest danger to our world. Terror groups, financial crises and environmental issues have been on top of the headlines but after the Ukraine crises the world has turned colder.