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Imagine Dragons – “Thunder”

The aliens are coming! In Imagine Dragons “Thunder”-video we’re placed in a future city and visitors from space arrives. There’s no story in it but lots of the sci-fi feeling. Or perhaps something from a superhero movie. There’s dancing instead of fighting – just like it should be in a music video. The video is beautifully directed by Joseph Kahn.

Winners of MTV VMA 2015

Taylor Swift and her director Joseph Kahn were the great winners of MTV VMA 2015. At least when it comes to the awards – Miley Cyrus made some points in marketing herself and her new album. Kanye West took the opportunity to deal with his old misconduct against Miss Swift – and turning it into a proclaim to run for president!
Check out the winners on:

2015 MTV VMA Winners

Price for Best video of the year went to “Bad blood”. Read about it on earlier post:

Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” “Shake it off”

Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” “Shake it off”

Taylor Swift won the prize for best streaming video at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards with “Shake it off”. Suitable she released a new video at same time – the expressive “Bad Blood” directed by Joseph Kahn. A video that secures Swifts place at the top. Tarantino-inspired action with lots of strong women. A sign of the time just like in movies such as Hunger games and Divergent. The video includes several famous persons besides Kendrick Lamar. See who you can recognize.