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Kanye West – “Famous”


Being famous you have to be prepared to be used as an object in art. Kanye West’s “Famous”-video is based on Vincent Desiderio’s painting “Sleep” and adds famous people to it. Brilliant mix! It’s a bit soothing to see these people sleeping together. Usually they talk and talk or sings and moves around. Here, they are just humans like everyone else. The nakedness can be disturbing but it makes them more human. As a music video it is also special by having a long passage without music in the middle and just showing a still picture for several minutes in the end. The long format (10 min) is useful when you want different styles in one video.

Kanye West & Paul McCartney

Kanye West goes human. In the video “Only one” directed by Spike Jonze he shows his emotional fatherly side. No glamour or fancy effects. Just Kanye and his daughter on a long and winding road. The simple style is a perfect combination to the low-key song. Nice ending with the still picture.

Also just released from the West & McCartney collaboration is the video for “FourFiveSeconds” with Rhianna on lead vocals. Simple seem to be the key word. The video is based on Rhiannas charisma and the fascination of seeing these three celebrities together. Just like food – you don’t have to complicate it if the raw stuff is good.