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Demi Lovato – “Tell Me You Love Me”

Love ain’t easy – everybody knows. And this you can see in the powerful music video for Demi Lovato’s “Tell me you love me”. Director Mark Pellington from Washington Square Films have created a video that tells the story of Demi and her relationship with a man played by actor and activist Jesse Williams. It’s love and drama presented in a beautiful way. Just like it was in the classic HBO-serial with the same name.

Demi Lovato used Twitter for “Heart Attack”

Disney pop star Demi Lovato used Twitter when launching her new video “Heart Attack”. Fans were instructed to tweet the lyrics and when it reached certain numbers the video was released. She succeeded and #unlockheartattack actually became the top worldwide Twitter trend for several hours. Twitter is also a part of the video as it consists of Lovato-specific global Twitter trends.

Yahoo Music: Hordes Of Fans Unlock–And Create–Demi Lovato’s New Lyric Video For ‘Heart Attack’