Bob Dylan – Nobel Prize

Today on December 10th 2016, Bob Dylan receives the Nobel Prize in Literature. His fascinating lyric writing has bridged the border between music and literature. He stands out as a symbol in both professions. His look and appearance is also a stand-out in popular culture. Mystic, cool, aware and always following his own trail.

In 1967 D.A. Pennebaker released the famous “Don’t look back”-documentary about Dylans tour in England 1965. The entrance-scene with the song “Subterranean Homesick Blues” is an influential piece in music video history. It includes several interesting elements. Lyrics are shown on paper pieces while Dylan is quiet and not singing along. The scenary is plain and rubbish and signals rough reality. A famous person (Allen Ginsberg) is doing a cameo appearance. This piece of film perhaps summarize Dylan better than anything else.

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