D∆WN – VR video for “Not above that”

Dawn Photo 3

A virtual reality-video has been created for D∆WN’s “Not above that”. It’s a fantastic space “trip” with lots of colors – perfect together with the groovy music. D∆WN (Dawn Richard) already had a regular video for the song but creative studio VR Playhouse in Los Angeles got the chance to make a new video for both 360 degree viewing and for Google Cardboard. It’s directed by DJ Turner and Monty Marsh. Turner says: “Every art form that has been created over the years – music, art, computer graphics, filmmaking – they all play a role in this world of virtual reality,”. He continues: “CG artists have always created these amazing little worlds, but you only get to view them through a tiny window. Now with VR, you actually get to be immersed in them. It’s exciting to see what the future holds.”

Watching it with Cardboard is the way to really enjoy it. When you look at it on YouTube with your smartphone, there is a cardboard-choice down to the right. Turn on, tune in and drop out.

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