Rhianna “Bitch better have my money”

It’s a joy to see Rhiannas new video “Bitch better have my money” and the way she uses the music video-format to make a small movie. The story is simple but filled with beautifully and cleverly arranged scenes – never knew kidnapping could be so stylish. The video is violent and provocative but it’s not extreme and it’s not surprising to see something like this coming from Rhianna. On YouTube you have to log in to confirm your age. The guys at YouTube (Google) have big power when it comes to setting the limits for what is OK to watch, considering how global YouTube are.

Mads Mikkelson does a role which increases the film value of the video. It’s directed by Megaforce-team and on Promo News you can read a short interview about the making of the video.

Léo of Megaforce on Rihanna’s BBHMM video: “I’d lie if I said it was easy”

Watch the video on VEVO:
Rhianna “Bitch better have my money”

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