David Fincher makes comedy about Music Video-industry

Film director David Fincher made music videos in the 80s and is now about to make a comedy series about the Music video-industry during that period. The name on the series is “Living on video”. For the directors, making videos has perhaps not been such good income. But for the record companies the videos were probably cash cows. When the videos was aired on MTV – the records sell, and hopefully the artists got a fair share. Today the paths of money in the industry aren’t so simple. How important are a music video for the success of a song and where do we find the money? A question related to the debate on how little artist earn from streaming sites like Spotify and Panda. And what are the role of YouTube and other video sites in this game?

You can read about Fincher’s series in The Guardian. Since he was around when it happened and since he is an excellent director we have Great expectations!

David Fincher rewinds to 80s music video career with HBO comedy series